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Is Your REALTOR Marketing Keeping Pace With the Competition?

As a professional real estate agent, you regularly compete head to head with other real estate agents in your market for business, and you may be wondering if you are keeping pace with your competitors. If you have experience working in this industry, you are aware that finding leads is the first step to take to secure clients, and REALTOR Marketing is critical for lead generation. If your marketing is not producing as many viable leads as you would like, there is a chance that your marketing needs to be revamped to keep up with the competition. After all, the last thing you want is to lose business to the competition because of poor marketing.

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Realtor Marketing: 3 Things You Should Be Sharing on Social Media

As a part of your realtor marketing, you have probably signed up for accounts on the most popular social media sites. However, there is a chance that you aren’t using it to its full potential. These are a few types of content that you should be sharing with your social media followers for maximum results. More resources can be found at the Morris Marketing Group website.

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3 Realtor Marketing Tips That You Should Consider

In the past decade, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has seen dramatic changes in its membership base. NAR membership was at a high in 2006 with over 1,350,000 realtors, but after the housing crisis, that figure dropped down by a significant degree. The membership rate hit the floor just about four years ago, but since then, more people have steadily been returning. The resurgence of NAR members means that competition is more serious than ever, and any realtor who wants to succeed will need to arm themselves with as much marketing knowledge as possible. The following REALTOR Marketing tips are invaluable for staying in the realtor race.

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